Giflor presents The Ring: The new frontier of bi-color caps

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Giflor announces the launch of its latest gem: The Ring. Available in two distinct sizes (Art. 866 RING 24/410 and Art. 865 RING 28/410) Giflor's Ring is set to revolutionize the packaging world with its unique design and innovative features.

"The Ring is the new generation of bi-color caps, an evolution of our lines that encapsulates the essence of Giflor: Italian design and innovation. It reflects our commitment to research and development, positioning us as a benchmark in the international packaging industry."

The Ring's Key Features

  • Unique Design: The Ring embodies Italian aesthetics, offering a design distinguished by its elegance and modernity.
  • Dual Finish: The glossy body and matte top give the product a sophisticated and contemporary appearance.
  • Bi-color: The color combination creates an eye-catching visual effect, capturing consumers’ attention.
  • Transparent peephole: The peephole’s transparency allows for a view of the bottle’s contents, adding a practical dimension to innovation.
  • High Visual Impact: The Ring is designed to captivate the imagination and leave a lasting impression.

Innovation and Sustainability:

The Ring is not just a cool product but also a symbol of Giflor's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

With pride, we can affirm that The Ring is:

  • Lightweight: Compared to the Just Colors and Classic Line, The Ring is lighter, ensuring a practical and functional solution.
  • Recyclable: Fully recyclable, contributing to our commitment to a sustainable future.
  • Patented: The Ring is the result of intensive research and is protected by a patent, emphasizing our dedication to innovation.


Ideal for a range of market products, The Ring will be available on the market from May/June 2024 — just around the corner!

Get a sneak peek here and write the future of packaging with us!

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