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Giflor partners with Villa Lodola to land its Eco Low Profile caps in the Japanese market

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The aesthetics, functionality and sustainability of Giflor caps are the choice of the Villa Lodola brand for the exclusive launch of the Fulgens and Tempus lines. Here are our protagonists!

On the hills of San Giustino, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, stands Villa Lodola, nestled among olive trees and lands converted to organic cultivation since 2006. Here, from the commitment to sustainable development, a line of bioecological cosmetics takes shape, that has been designed for the beauty and well-being of hair and body with total respect for nature and the environment. Villa Lodola products hold the Eco Bio Cosmesi certification from ICEA, which proves that cosmetic products and ingredients comply with specific requirements that promote the use of organic components and chemical compounds of natural origin for environmental sustainability and health safety.

Exclusive launch in Japanese market

Giflor is a proud partner of Villa Lodola with two products that at the moment have been exclusively launched only in the Japanese professional market: the Fulgens and Tempus lines. For these lines of products, the choice was made to use a mono-material packaging totally made of PP, to facilitate the recycling of the pack. In fact, since the neck, shoulder and tube are made of the same material, the tube components can be recycled as one piece.

In addition to that, the choice to match the tubes with Giflor Eco Low Profile caps in the two sizes - Art. 770 - 35mm and Art. 772 - 50mm, significantly reduces the amount of raw plastic used in the overall production of the tubes and, thanks to its downsized design, uses up to 50% less plastic than traditional caps.

This is another partnership we are proud of, not only because of the prestige of the brand and shared values, but also because for the it allows us to reach Japan with our closure solutions for the first time!

Discover all of Giflor's Eco Low profile caps in the company's catalog. Or contact Giflor directly to learn more about the benefits of Eco Low Profile caps for tubes and bottles.

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