Giflor is a leading innovative manufacturer of high-quality plastic closures based in Italy.


Giflor is a sound partner for many companies: the combination of planning, technology, design, rational product management and thorough quality control procedures ensure the continuous supply of high quality and thoroughly tested products.


A generous assortment of shapes and infinite colors makes Giflor caps and lids stand out in the sector of cosmetics, personal and house care products. The range of different shapes is added to each year with the development of prototypes, the result of intense research based on constant feedback from the market.

Made in Italy

Giflor is an Italian company. We are aware of the advantages of working within a cultural reality with a rich millenary history. The classic ideal of beauty where aesthetics and ethics come together in a whole is interpreted by Giflor in a natural passion for beauty.


We want to be expressive trendsetters through an indissoluble union of aesthetics and ethics. We therefore satisfy market demands with tangible solutions perfect for the critical global requirements of today. This means original shapes together with reductions in the consumption of raw materials, in energy consumption, in CO2 emissions and in packaging and transport costs.


  • High levels of know-how in molding and injection.
  • Constant investments in new-gen machinery.
  • Highly qualified personnel.
  • Continual updates for product optimization.
  • A business that constantly seeks out new challenges.