More tubes to benefit from Eco Low Profile Closures

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Giflor's Eco Low Profile (ELP) Closures are well known in the packaging industry for their small size and the big impact that they have been making.

Eager to open up opportunities for more packs to be completed with a more environmentally-friendly closure, Giflor has added a brand new option to its product offering to benefit tubes.

Giflor's #771 closure is sustainable, injection-molded, round flip-top cap with snap-on coupling. The Ø40mm closure is manufactured from PP and despite its slight 10mm height, the glossy cap is truly eye-catching.

Sustainable & responsible packaging

Similar to it's ELP tube closure counterparts, the #771 is 50% lighter than a traditional cap, which translates to significant savings in plastic material. 

Giflor is also in the testing phase for a PCR version of the cap which will translate even more plastic saved as the closure would utilize pre-used and recycled plastic material.

In addition to reduced carbon emissions during transportation, Giflor has revised its manufacturing process to ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions during production too. 

"Nowadays consumers are more aware of sustainable packaging options and expect brands to utilize responsible packaging. Brands need to clearly convey their ideals to consumers and the use of a closure that is significantly smaller than its counterparts is a clear visual indication of a company's principles."

Offered in your brand's color and with a choice of 3 dispensing orifice sizes (Ø3.17mm – Ø4.75mm – Ø6.4mm), Giflor's #771 is an ideal choice for food, healthcare and beauty lines.

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