Quality and transparency: the key to win over pet owners

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Pet owners have become more demanding with the standard of the products they choose for their animal companions.

The latest trends show the number of consumers that keep a close eye on the quality of the ingredients and the packaging of pet products is increasing: A tendency that applies to both pet food and pet care, making quality and transparency the strongest features for brands to make a breakthrough in the hearts of their potential clients.

A responsible partnership

Those key elements are precisely the root of the new packaging partnership between Yuup! And Giflor. The two Italian brands have been working side by side, not only because of geographical proximity, but also their shared values, such as the love and respect for nature, the predisposition for research and innovation, and a culture of aesthetics, to create a collection of unique pet care products.

Quality and transparency to win the hearts of pet lovers

Introduced in 2011 by Cosmetica Veneta, Yuup! is a brand of premium cosmetics specifically conceived for dogs and cats, that can be used both at home or by professional pet groomers. Exceptional in texture and fragrance, Yuup! cosmetics are distributed in more than 40 countries around the world. The natural ingredients of their formula, which respect and protect the physiology of human and animal skin, are what make these products unique on the market.

The packaging of Yuup!’s products also reveals its green philosophy. Carefully designed down to the last detail, the pack aims at keeping the active ingredients of the product intact while maintaining the quality of a high-end brand.

Giflor's Flip-Top 738

To complete the pack of its line of shampoos and conditioners, Yuup! asked Giflor for an elegant and functional closure system that could harmoniously adapt to the cylindrical shape of the bottle and enhance its vertical slender silhouette, while at the same time guaranteeing the total transparency of the packaging’s environmental responsibility; a central element to convey their reliability and integrity.

The choice thus turned to the flip-top cap art. 738 from Giflor's Classic Line collection, a solution that, thanks to its ergonomic features, timeless design, and the gleam of its transparent glossy finish, perfectly meets the customer's performance and aesthetic goals.

Yuup! also decided to add an additional elegant finish to the cap by applying its logo on the top, a detail that contributes to enhance the perception of quality that only a top cosmetic product can offer.

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