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"When hygiene rhymes with sustainability"

Giflor Closures has worked with Oliofora, a Portuguese brand of body care products made from native raw materials of northern Portugal to create easy-to-use sanitizing products.

Oliofora thinks about sustainability in every part of their process and uses waste materials from other sustainable manufacturing processes. Based on this green philosophy, Oliofora has created a 100% plant-based hand sanitizer delicate on the skin and with aroma therapeutic effect.

The packaging is available in 35- and 100-ml sizes, with the smaller one sold as part of a “personal safety kit” together with a triple-layer mask in pure cotton and a disinfectant spray made of all-natural ingredients.

Sustainability comes first and foremost for Oliofora, so it comes as no surprise that Oliofora has chosen Giflor's 405 model in Post-Consumer Resin for the gel package, a closure with timeless design combined with sustainable material and characterized by an elegant and natural colour.

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