Push-lock technology showcased by Giflor's 560

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Design is not only about creating an appealing product, it also means making the product extremely functional and user-friendly.

Giflor's 560 patented cylindrical cap model combines both these features: its ergonomic push-lock technology prevents leakages thanks to the tight closing system and provides ease of use while giving a unique style to the whole packaging.

The additional ”click-sound” provides users with the assurance that the cap is tightly closed to ensure no accidental product leakage, a great benefit if travelling with the pack or shipping it around the world.

Giflor's 560 cap features a 24/410 neck is part of the company's Just Colors range and is ideal for cosmetics, personal care, health care and e-commerce applications.

View the cap in 3D.

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Giflor's new products focus on sustainability

Giflor Closure Technologies, an international leader in the production of plastic closure systems for over 40 years, has a set a new goal for this year. Despite all of the global challenges 2020 has brought, Giflor has decided to further its efforts from an environmental point of view. The company slogan, "2020: two times green" testifies that this will be a decisive year for sustainability, a challenge that Giflor has been at the forefront of for some years now and wishes to continue improving upon. See how their latest products get greener.

Giflor obtains grade A BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials certification

Giflor has recently obtained the prestigious BRC Packaging and Packaging materials with a grade A certification. The BRC standard, which is internationally recognized within the GFSI, allows GIFLOR to further qualify as a supplier of products to large retailers and stores as well as consolidate its position in foreign markets, especially the UK, USA and other countries that acknowledge this certification for its undisputed distinctive value.

Giflor's Eco Low Profile with big impact

Nowadays, a focus on sustainability is a MUST to ensure the survival of our planet. Always staying ahead of the times, Giflor Closure Technologies has been committed to this ever since 2006, when it launched its Eco Low Profile line for bottles, and the company now works with this philosophy in mind every day. As brands look for simple ways to improve their sustainability credentials, Giflor's Eco Low Profile cap options have gone from strength to strength, offering a lightweight packaging option utilizing less plastic material and benefiting a reduced carbon footprint.

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