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As one of the world's best-known plastic cap manufacturers, Giflor is always at the forefront of closure trends. The Italian company's latest development is the enhancement of its Just Colors line with the inclusion of 2 new options that are ideal for the creation of stylish personal care packaging.

Benefiting from a worldwide design patent, both of Giflor's new closure offerings are manufacturered with bi-injection technology (the use of 2 customized colors for enhanced product branding) with the additional option of a matte finish. The closures offer an aesthetically pleasing contrast when used with glossy bottles as well as a stylish complement when combined with a matte finish bottle.

The bicolor cylindrical screw neck flip top caps enable easy dispensing of gels and viscous liquids with the bicolor offering the consumer a clear visual to distinguish the flip-top part of the cap in addition to benefiting brands as the finished product offers a stronger visual identity against others on the shelf.

The 857 matte flip top closure benefits from a 24/410 neck and is an ideal alternative to Giflor's glossy finish 856 closure, while Giflor's 807 24/415 flip top cap offers the same specifications as the company's popular glossy 806, but with a chic matte finish.

The Just Colors line of caps from Giflor is just one of the company's stylish closure ranges. The company also offers the Classics line as well as its award-winning range of Eco-Low Profile caps for both bottles and tubes.

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Giflors Eco Low Profile with big impact

Giflor's Eco Low Profile with big impact

Nowadays, a focus on sustainability is a MUST to ensure the survival of our planet. Always staying ahead of the times, Giflor Closure Technologies has been committed to this ever since 2006, when it launched its Eco Low Profile line for bottles, and the company now works with this philosophy in mind every day. As brands look for simple ways to improve their sustainability credentials, Giflor's Eco Low Profile cap options have gone from strength to strength, offering a lightweight packaging option utilizing less plastic material and benefiting a reduced carbon footprint.

Giflors bicolor flip top closures topping Expo travel kits

Giflor's bicolor flip top closures topping Expo travel kits

One of Giflor's most popular items and part of the Just Colors line, the 24/410 bicolor cylindrical flip top cap, art. 856, was selected to sit atop smaller format containers for this year's Milan Expo travel kits, providing perfect retention and dispensing for travel kit mainstays like shampoo, body gel, or moisturizer. Giflor's bicolor caps offer a unique and easy to use option for companies to create a unique piece of contemporary packaging.

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