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Vitana + Giflor make a hot combination

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Vitana is a Czech company specialized mainly in the production of dehydrated and ready-to-eat food and seasonings such as soups, broths, liquid seasonings, sauces, instant meals, spices and spice mixtures. With its century-old history and almost 600 different references, the brand is the ideal partner in the kitchen for different types of consumers, such as those who are looking for a quick and ready solution and those who like to dabble in the art of cooking.

In addition to the various prizes awarded by customers and industry experts, Vitana can boast BRC and IFS food safety management certifications and ISO 50001 environmental management certification.

With a philosophy of product and packaging safety as a top priority, the company has chosen the 28/410 655 model from Giflor's Classic Line collection for its line of chili sauces (Classic, Extra Hot and Sweet).

Designed to guarantee an ergonomic opening, this closure system is one of the best-seller solutions also in the food sector thanks to the utmost level of safety guaranteed by the Crab Claw sealing. A closing system that protects the integrity of the product along the supply chain. Moreover, the 655 model is also available on demand with the “double-seal” option (cap complete with liner) which further enhances the product protection (security seal) and avoid accidental leakages during transportation.

View the 655 closure in 3D on your screen.

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