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Kélite chooses Giflor for Neutroderma

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Kélite chooses Giflor for Neutroderma, a brand featured in the main large-scale retail chains, both in Italy and abroad.

With the cap Just Colors art. 815, Giflor is proud of the collaboration with Neutroderma, a well-known brand specialized in personal care, which has made its bath foams the flagship product and the most widely distributed.

Attention and perception

Over the years, Kélite has placed increasingly more importance on the aesthetics of its products and the strategic function of the packaging because of the consumer's purchasing behavior. From the visuals to the material chosen, these elements play a key role in two main aspects at the time of purchase: attention and perception.

Being able to attract customers and get them to focus on the Neutroderma product, among the many choices on the shelf, is a priority for Kélite, that chose a Giflor cap especially for this reason. Giflor's art. 815 cap is elegant, functional and colorful. An ideal match for bottles, the cap contributes to the packaging idea conceived by the Kélite team.

This choice was not only driven by the aesthetic features of the cap. In fact, Just Colors art. 815 is an ergonomically well-structured cap with excellent usability and is particularly suitable for oval bottles.

Finally, thanks to its snap on fitting, the cap provides an excellent seal.

"Another partnership we are proud of and one that allows us to be part of the everyday life of thousands of people, safely and conveniently!"

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